Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip at Chaco Canyon

I've read the news about meltdowns, but one that I have a personal connection with is the Delicious Cookie Meltdown 2011!!

This happened on an average day, be it March 27th or some other day. But it was on the 27th that I went to the Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe in the University District. I go here often for their delicious coffee, juices and other baked goods. I suffer from mild poverty so I usually can not afford much more than that. Wisely this day I did not splurge and cover my table with an assortment of vegan edibles. For the tsunami of taste and joy that came from this hazelnut chocolate chip would have surely blow away anything else that shared it's plane of existence.

The oaty goodness was begging for my taste buds acceptance while the fresh gooey constancy was trying to meld itself with my flesh. This was a very unstable cookie. One that can not be taken lightly. It's rich particles where contaminating my mouth and stomach. I was warm with energy from the inside out.

It's actually difficult to continue this story. There was a indescribable sensation that reached my brain that I cannot describe. Not here, not with words. Maybe if we meet in person I can do a performance that will better illustrate what my mind was going through.

With that said and all the damage estimated I'd say this scored a 4.2 on the NOM scale.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oatmeal Raisin Nut ? at Caffe Vita

The wind was like a wind that was greater than winds before them. I'm talking before earthquake winds. So it was a week or so ago that I went to the new Caffe Vita location on Greenwood. Oh yeah, March 10th, that's what my notes say.

Anyway, the cookie posed graciously for my Canon PowerShot A590 digital camera. When I got the pictures uploaded I noticed that this goddamned little plant inched it way into my shot! My POWERSHOT! What was it thinking? I was doing some sort of Martha Stewart photo shoot and I wanted to "add a bit of green to the scene". That's what Martha always says and I think this plant heard her and decided to put it's own green in my scene. In my face! In YOUR FACE!

The cookie... uumm... I got notes here to help me remember.

So I jotted down that it was an oatmeal-like cookie with raisins and walnuts. It was chewy in the center area but the outer side had a crustacean like texture. Sharp and crunchy.

Oh would you look at that plant! It's nodding at me. It's agreeing with me like it knows!!




Friday, March 11, 2011

Oatmeal and Raisen at Chocolati

There was nothing else like it!  

The world would be changed forever!

I swear the idea I had while I was waiting to order my drip coffee and cookie at the Chocolati on Greenwood and 8?th was so profound that there was even a rise in my pants!

However... once I got to the counter and placed my order that idea realized that I wasn't going to pay the due respect it deserved and decided to flee my brain cavity. What a fucker I then thought. Which is not that good of an idea. 

Oh yeah, the cookie...

Here's some phone pictures of it.

Here's some drawings.

After drawing this craggy-ass cookie I realized that I was not reaching my average level of impatient perfectionism. These damned cookies are just to fucking hard to draw.

Anyway, the cookie was good. The IDEA was better. 3 NOMS.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Peanut Butter Cookie at Trabant

I entered the glass door with my fist first then raised my hand toward the counter, "My journey has ended! This cafe's cookies will sustain me until it has been drained of all delicious life! So speaks the OFFICIAL COOKIE TASTER!!"

My trusty herald had lead me to this specific site, named Trabant in the University District of Seattle. The heralds information is based on his experiences with a poster art show he had earlier this year. I was also informed they had open mic and I will keep this in mind for when I want to "kick out the jams" acoustically of course.

I was not there at that time to doodle my noodle, so I purchased my peanut butter cookie and an Americano.

I'm partial to peanut butter cookies so that was my first choice. No one shall judge my taste!!

The cookie was sufficiently large, soft and moist with the right amount of brown. Possibly manufactured locally because it was fresh-ish.

I would recommend this cookie. You may find another like it, but this particular one fueled me for many hours. If I were to rate this cookie based on how it satisfied my cookie hunger I would give it 3 NOMS. NOM! NOM! NOM!!

And here's a drawing that my herald drew of it before I devoured it.

My hunger for cookies cannot be suppressed for long. Soon I will HUNGER ONCE AGAIN!! Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marc J Palm is the Official Cookie Taster

Years ago I had "Official Cookie Taster" embroidered onto one of my favorite winter coats. I did this for two reasons:
1. because I really like cookies 

2. because I had a solo music project by that name. But no one wants to hear this when they think of cookies.

So NOW, after being asked if it was my real job a 1,000 times, I'm going to start fresh as a cookie reviewer. From time to time I'm going to taste cookies, photograph them or draw them and then write something about them. I'm not really selective or fussy when it comes to cookies, so I doubt there will be any bad reviews.

Got recommendations? Let e know where there are great cookies. E-mail tips to officialcookietaster at Gmail. Or you can leave a comment below.

Bribery! I highly recommend it! If you work at a cafe or any other place that want a free review of the cookies you serve there... all you need to do is give me a free cookie. Contact me with your offer and I'll stop by and work my magic.

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