Thursday, March 10, 2011

Peanut Butter Cookie at Trabant

I entered the glass door with my fist first then raised my hand toward the counter, "My journey has ended! This cafe's cookies will sustain me until it has been drained of all delicious life! So speaks the OFFICIAL COOKIE TASTER!!"

My trusty herald had lead me to this specific site, named Trabant in the University District of Seattle. The heralds information is based on his experiences with a poster art show he had earlier this year. I was also informed they had open mic and I will keep this in mind for when I want to "kick out the jams" acoustically of course.

I was not there at that time to doodle my noodle, so I purchased my peanut butter cookie and an Americano.

I'm partial to peanut butter cookies so that was my first choice. No one shall judge my taste!!

The cookie was sufficiently large, soft and moist with the right amount of brown. Possibly manufactured locally because it was fresh-ish.

I would recommend this cookie. You may find another like it, but this particular one fueled me for many hours. If I were to rate this cookie based on how it satisfied my cookie hunger I would give it 3 NOMS. NOM! NOM! NOM!!

And here's a drawing that my herald drew of it before I devoured it.

My hunger for cookies cannot be suppressed for long. Soon I will HUNGER ONCE AGAIN!! Stay tuned!!

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