Friday, March 11, 2011

Oatmeal and Raisen at Chocolati

There was nothing else like it!  

The world would be changed forever!

I swear the idea I had while I was waiting to order my drip coffee and cookie at the Chocolati on Greenwood and 8?th was so profound that there was even a rise in my pants!

However... once I got to the counter and placed my order that idea realized that I wasn't going to pay the due respect it deserved and decided to flee my brain cavity. What a fucker I then thought. Which is not that good of an idea. 

Oh yeah, the cookie...

Here's some phone pictures of it.

Here's some drawings.

After drawing this craggy-ass cookie I realized that I was not reaching my average level of impatient perfectionism. These damned cookies are just to fucking hard to draw.

Anyway, the cookie was good. The IDEA was better. 3 NOMS.


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